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Clan History

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1 Clan History on Sun May 02, 2010 9:10 am

~All begining with Milosneji's big dream, to lead his clan into the first 100 . But because he’s clan, _UA_, have start to fall, Milosneji, at the idea of Baraha05006, decide to make another one, that will be greater and stronger. So, Gods of Evils was born. ~
~With him, Milosneji took his best friends, aleksasimic, Voja-Mafijas, zeks, SpeedGuru, and the formal leader of Fanz, Baraha05006, to help him with the clan.~
~With great players, and a great start, this clan try now to make his way to the top 100, and maybe, even top 10.~
~30.04.2010, the clan complete it's task, we reached no. 100 in ladder, but... but we will not stop here! Our new task is to achieve no. 50 in ladder.~

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